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PS Industries® Acquires ILC Dover’s Flex-Gate®, Flex-Cover® Products / Brands

The primary assets included in this acquisition will be Flex-Cover®, Flex-Gate® and Flex-Wall®, which together make up an innovative lineup of flood barrier products constructed using a revolutionary combination of high-strength textiles and corrosion resistant hardware. Many of these products are stored at the point-of-use and are unique in the marketplace. As of January 17, 2023, these products will be manufactured by PS Industries and sold under the PS Flood Barriers brand.

PS Safety Access™ Case Study: CHI St. Alexius Health

CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck, North Dakota, was struggling with a safety solution that was causing a problem of its own. The busy regional hospital was employing gates on various stairwells in order to keep patients and staff safe, but the gates themselves closed with a deafening “clang” that echoed through the building. CHI St. Alexius needed gates that did their job without disrupting staff or patients.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: The Build America, Buy American (BABA) And American Iron And Steel (AIS) Provisions And How They Impact Doors, Safety Gates And Hatches

The idea of American governing bodies requiring that materials used in publicly funded projects originate in the United States is not a new one. In fact, the original Buy American Act originated in 1933, requiring federal agencies to purchase “domestic end products” and use “domestic construction materials.” This act has been amended multiple times over the past 90 years or so, including revisions in the late 1970s and the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act introduced in 2021 (and taking effect in 2022). How do these regulations govern the inclusion of doors in a project? Read on for more information.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: All Facility Openings Aren’t Created Equal, And Custom Products From PS Access Solutions™ Are Created To Fit Each One Perfectly

Each company’s processes, products and ventilation requirements are unique, and that can lead to certain facility entry points being unique as well, either in size or in usage – or both. As a result, custom-made doors or hatches can become a necessity, and finding a manufacturer that can meet those needs becomes an important part of success.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Understanding The Organizations Involved In Flood Protection And How They Relate To Products

Flood protection is serious business, and rightly so. If a company claims that a product will perform a certain way under flooding conditions, failing to live up to those claims can be disastrous for everyone involved. As a result, various organizations have evolved in North America over the past century with the purpose of standardizing, testing and certifying manufactured flood protection measures. However, each of these entities approaches this critical task in a slightly different way, and that can lead to confusion on the part of those purchasing and installing the products. Here’s a brief overview of the most important organizations in flood control – and what each of them views as their responsibility in making sure that flood products live up to their promise.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Preparing For Industrial Spills

All production facilities, from manufacturing to agriculture to food preparation, deal with industrial spills. These accidents range from inconvenient (like an accidental sprinkler release) to hazardous (oil or chemicals, for example), but all spills require a fast, dependable response that benefits from planning. For the most part, the adverse impact of an industrial spill of any scope is inversely proportional to the preparedness of the team and facility responsible for it. In other words, the more you plan for spills, the less of a problem they present.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Sorting Out The Acronyms: OSHA, Canadian COHS, CE And ANSI

Work for any length of time in the business of keeping workers safe, and you will become familiar with a large number of acronyms that represent safety-based organizations or programs, some of which provide government oversight and others that offer private certification. To the rest of the workforce, though, these acronyms represent an arcane and challenging dilemma – everybody knows that acronym-named organizations like OSHA are important, but they would be hard-pressed to explain what they do.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Unique Challenges Call For Custom Solutions

Industry has been built on ingenuity, but as a result, many companies face something of a consistency problem. Seven out of ten pieces of equipment in their plant are “standard,” but those other three have been modified somehow to meet a unique need. Some of the most important jobs in an industrial setting need to be done by custom-built products, and that goes for doors, hatches, gates and barriers as much as it does for automation and technology.

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