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PROVEN SOLUTIONS: The Importance Of The Spring On Your Safety Gate

For a safety gate to be effective, it needs to prevent an accident. In most cases, that means the gate must be closed when not in use, serving as a barrier against whatever risks are on the other side of it. One of the primary features that sets a safety gate apart from a regular gate in this regard is that a safety gate closes on its own after someone goes through it. This self-closing action happens thanks to heavy-duty springs, and if those springs aren’t doing their jobs properly, the safety gate’s protection is compromised and its lifespan is diminished.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Flood Barriers Should Stand Up To Water And Debris Impacts As Well

There is a lot to consider when you’re planning flood protection for your building / facility. When choosing the best flow barrier, for example, one must consider more than just the size and structure of the opening, the means of deployment (active vs passive) and the water pressure. It’s also critical not to forget that the current within floodwaters often carries debris with it.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: New Ideas For Traffic Control In Manufacturing Facilities

As manufacturing machines become larger and more automated and facilities become more productive and faster paced, the job of keeping workers safe has evolved as well. It’s no longer enough to rely on signage to remind employees that they must keep a safe distance from equipment or floor tape to steer foot traffic onto safe pathways. Even products like cones can be easily overlooked, creating a need for more tangible, more effective protection for workers.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Inspection Hatches Play A Critical Role In Safe, Successful Production

Some of the most important parts of manufacturing and production processes happen in places that are hard to get to and difficult to see. This might be because part of the system needs to be enclosed for operational or safety reasons, or it might be because some elements of the process simply don’t need to be out in the open. Whatever the reason, eventually maintenance and repair teams need to be able to inspect (and perhaps access) all parts of a manufacturing process.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Industrial Ventilation Is Too Important To Overlook

It can be easy to take air for granted. After all, it’s invisible and intangible, a component of most industrial processes that goes unnoticed until poor ventilation becomes an issue – something all too common for many facilities. Not only is proper ventilation required for the operation of machines and technology, regulatory agencies like OSHA have developed standards for it as well, directing companies to provide healthy atmospheric conditions for their workers.

PS Industries® Acquires ILC Dover’s Flex-Gate®, Flex-Cover® Products / Brands

The primary assets included in this acquisition will be Flex-Cover®, Flex-Gate® and Flex-Wall®, which together make up an innovative lineup of flood barrier products constructed using a revolutionary combination of high-strength textiles and corrosion resistant hardware. Many of these products are stored at the point-of-use and are unique in the marketplace. As of January 17, 2023, these products will be manufactured by PS Industries and sold under the PS Flood Barriers brand.

PS Safety Access™ Case Study: CHI St. Alexius Health

CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck, North Dakota, was struggling with a safety solution that was causing a problem of its own. The busy regional hospital was employing gates on various stairwells in order to keep patients and staff safe, but the gates themselves closed with a deafening “clang” that echoed through the building. CHI St. Alexius needed gates that did their job without disrupting staff or patients.

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