PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Industrial Ventilation Is Too Important To Overlook

It can be easy to take air for granted. After all, it’s invisible and intangible, a component of most industrial processes that goes unnoticed until poor ventilation becomes an issue – something all too common for many facilities. Not only is proper ventilation required for the operation of machines and technology, regulatory agencies like OSHA have developed standards for it as well, directing companies to provide healthy atmospheric conditions for their workers.

The Facts:

Airflow is critical to every industrial and manufacturing process, no matter what combination of human and machine labor they employ. Intake and exhaust must be planned and executed correctly, or worker health and process productivity can both be impacted adversely. This can be undertaken when a facility is being designed, but oftentimes corrective measures must be added once real-world issues present themselves during live production.

The Challenge:

The relationship between industrial processes and airflow is complex and dynamic. Some of the most significant hurdles that companies must overcome in regards to ventilation include:

  • High maintenance and replacement costs – while air is invisible, air pressure can damage ventilation systems that aren’t engineered and manufactured to withstand it
  • Weather damage – wind, rain and especially ice (due to condensation, etc.) are very hard on industrial ventilation systems
  • Leaking seals – this can become a long-term issue, silently taxing the facility’s environmental systems, reducing efficiency and raising costs

The Solution:

Louver and damper door-based ventilation systems from PS Access Solutions™ are designed to reliably control intake and exhaust airflow in industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities. Unlike traditional blade systems, our heavy-duty louvers and dampers can operate in any weather condition, drastically reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Each system is custom designed to fit a building’s airflow requirements and is available with manual, electric or pneumatic operation. Examples include:

Ventilation Dampers and Louver Systems

Designed to increase facility safety and efficiency, these reliable systems help to manage the atmosphere in the facility by regulating airflow and exhaust. Unlike traditional aluminum blades, louvers from PS Access Solutions are large in size and have a simple design involving fewer moving parts, drastically reducing replacement and maintenance costs. They are customizable to meet virtually any size/shape requirements

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Sliding Roof Hatches

PS Access Solutions industrial Sliding Roof Hatches open horizontally and are designed to withstand high winds and snow loads, ensuring an operable hatch in virtually all weather conditions. They are an effective way to improve building ventilation and airflow, but they can also be used for personnel access or moving large materials or equipment in or out of a facility. They may be manually operated or automated to interface with environmental control systems.

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Airflow is an important factor in all industrial environments. Work with PS Access Solutions to design and manufacture ventilation components that can improve safety and productivity while reducing maintenance costs. Contact us to learn more.