Latest PS Industries® Incorporated News

Flood Walls And Planks

Flood proofing is an investment in protecting your building. It gives you peace of mind and can drastically reduce the risk of costly flooding disasters. When flooding happens, the ability to react quickly and protect infrastructure is critical. Using barriers to stop floodwaters from reaching damageable portions of your building is considered a dry flood proofing method. Dry flood proofing is commonly used to protect openings such as pedestrian doors, garage doors, driveways, dock doors, building exteriors and storefronts.

New! Full Height Ladder Safety Gate

PS DOORS has taken its industry-leading Ladder Safety Gate and added additional top-rail-to-floor protection for personnel working on elevated platforms, mezzanines and ladder ways. This new full height version is both OSHA- and ANSI-compliant and is self-closing to reduce the chance of falls and ensure that protection is in place when it’s needed most.

New! Fire Rated Flood Door

PS DOORS has addressed two facility management concerns in one door with its new PD-522FFR Fire Rated Flood Door. The only door of its kind, the PD-522FFR is specifically engineered for interior and exterior openings requiring watertight flood protection and a 90-minute fire rating. Best of all, it provides this dual-defense functionality while still acting as a normal-use swing door.

PS DOORS Revolutionizing Spill Containment Barriers

Grand Forks, North Dakota, August 2, 2016 / PR Newswire / – PS DOORS is now adapting three of its most successful flood prevention products for the purpose of industrial spill containment. Proven to stop floodwaters, these doors and barriers will now keep workers, facilities and the environment safe from industrial spills.

New! Slidewise™ Roof Hatch

A new product from PS DOORS is poised to solve one of the most problematic issues associated with industrial and commercial roof hatches: wind. The revolutionary Slidewise™ Roof Hatch opens horizontally. Unlike traditional tip-up hatches, the Slidewise Roof Hatch is unaffected by the wind gusts, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs while improving safety for users.

PS Doors Introduces New Water Treatment Plant Initiative

PS DOORS now offers two completely customizable solutions that are specifically engineered for water treatment facilities. Its monorail doors and sliding roof hatches, which are part of the company’s PS Access Solutions™ line of products, are 100 percent customizable to help improve efficiency and safety.

OSHA Compliant SafeMezz360™

PS DOORS will announce its new SafeMezz360™ mezzanine safety gate at MODEX 2016. This innovative new gate keeps workers safe during the important but potentially hazardous job of loading and unloading forklifted materials to and from a mezzanine. SafeMezz360 is an ANSI- and OSHA-compliant fall protection product that creates a foolproof, fully enclosed area that keeps workers safe from the elevated mezzanine edge.

Custom Plug Hatch

A customer called PS DOORS with a problem. He needed several inspection ports constructed out of 316L stainless steel that would hold up in his facility’s corrosive environment. These ports needed to be welded to various round or square pipes containing corrosive gas and abrasive materials. The lids had to bolt on. He had exhausted his resources trying to find a manufacturer to create these custom inspection ports for the oil and gas industry.