PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Inspection Hatches Play A Critical Role In Safe, Successful Production

Some of the most important parts of manufacturing and production processes happen in places that are hard to get to and difficult to see. This might be because part of the system needs to be enclosed for operational or safety reasons, or it might be because some elements of the process simply don’t need to be out in the open. Whatever the reason, eventually maintenance and repair teams need to be able to inspect (and perhaps access) all parts of a manufacturing process. That’s when a custom access hatch / inspection door becomes essential.

The Facts:

The key to successfully utilizing an inspection door is planning. Ideally, one of these custom access hatches is installed when the facility / process initially goes into operation. However, this isn’t always the case, and a hatch needs to be installed after things are up and running or an inferior hatch needs to be upgraded. Inspection doors are a critical part of many industries, used to give engineers and qualified staff a look at material flow and mechanical parts. They are a part of the operation of conveyors, refineries and mines and facilitate tasks like blade changeouts and more.

The Challenge:

More often than not, the location and environment in which an inspection door is needed necessitates custom manufacturing. For example, the hatch must be able to withstand high pressure and / or extreme heat, it may need to operate on a curved surface, it may need to slide or even be a special color. Some jobs – ports for monitoring gasses for example – require even more specialized designs.

The Solution:

When seeking to design and build custom hatches / inspection doors, choosing a partner with experience and a proven track record becomes tremendously important. PS Access Solutions™, for example, has developed and manufactured custom access hatches / inspection doors for an incredibly wide variety of facilities across an ever-growing number of industries. They build hatches to virtually any specification, providing sizing and finishes for unique openings and punishing environments. When inspection are important, challenging or both – PS Access Solutions takes the guesswork out of the decision.

Custom access hatch / inspection door options at PS Access Solutions include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Pressure-rated hatches
  • High temperature-rated hatches
  • Radius cut hatches for curved surfaces
  • High-profile hatches
  • Paired access hatches
  • Sliding access hatches
  • Gas monitoring ports
  • Custom sizes, shapes and colors available

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Choose a manufacturing partner who knows how to build custom access hatches / inspection doors that are dependable, durable and easy to use. Contact PS Access Solutions today.