EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gate


New patent-pending EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates are now the safest safety gates on the market. Their innovative Slam-Proof® technology closes each gate in a quiet and controlled manner, extending the life of the gate. Plus, they have been tested to the OSHA, ANSI and Canada COHS standards and exceed the loading requirement by two times. EdgeHalt Safety Gates are also extremely reliable, featuring updated springs that have been tested to more than 1 million cycles and are guaranteed for the life of the gate.


  • Slam-Proof® Technology – A unique damping system that provides safety to the operator while the gate is closing. It controls speed, reduces noise and adds life to the gate (ready for future OSHA standards regarding slamming).
  • Proven Safety For Your Team – Tested to the OSHA, ANSI, and Canada COHS standards and exceeds the loading requirement by two times (OSHA 1910.29; OSHA 1910.28, ANSI A1264.1-2017; Canada COHS SOR-86-304 Part II; ANSI A14.3).
  • Adjustable For Easy Installation – 10 inches of adjustability make it simpler to install in different openings around your facility.
  • Springs Guaranteed For Life Of Gate – Tested to exceed more than one million cycles, you can feel good that the springs on your gate will likely outlast everything around them.
  • Always In Place – Self-closing to protect employees from dangerous falls.
  • Available In 3 Finishes – Powder Coat Yellow (PCY), Hot-Dipped Galvanized (GAL) and 304 Stainless Steel Seal Welded (304SW).
  • Save On Shipping – Its unique gate design allows for a compact shipping box, reducing shipping costs by an average of $8-$18+ per gate.
  • Additional Security – An optional Lock-Out Kit is the perfect accessory. This kit allows for additional security to prevent unauthorized access by locking the gate so that no one can pass through.


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