Vision Lite Windows

SLIDING DOOR with 20"x20" windows
SLIDING DOOR with 20″x20″ windows

Adding Vision Lite windows to industrial Sliding or Swing Doors allows natural light into your facility, gives a clear view of what is happening on the other side of the opening, and increases overall building safety. “Forty years ago we sold very few doors with Vision Lites,” said Mark Haaland, PS DOORS National Sales Manager. “Today 95% of the industrial doors we sell include windows and more people are choosing the larger 22″ x 22″ Lites. Vision Lites are inexpensive and are a great addition for increasing safety in power generation facilities, mining operations, mills and processing facilities.”

Vision Lite Features and Benefits:

  • Allows natural light into otherwise dark areas
  • Increases safety by allowing clear vision to the other side of your door
  • Windows provide a safe observation area
  • Available in 10″x10″, 5″ x 20″, 22″ x 22″, 16″ x 30″ or 22″ x 34″
  • 100% tempered glass
Swing Door with 22"x22" window
Swing Door with 22″x22″ window