Jim Satrom establishes Production Specialties Corporation in Grand Forks, ND, as a specialty door installation and service provider.

Production Specialities Corporation begins manufacturing its first sliding door for power plants in western North Dakota.

Production Specialities Corporation develops several mainstay products, including industrial swing doors, horizontal sliding roof hatches, industrial air control ventilation louver systems and the first watertight flood protection barrier.

Production Specialties Corporation changes its name to PS DOORS.

PS DOORS develops its first watertight flood protection barrier (manufactured for a lift station), establishing the “Lift-Out Flood Barrier."

PS DOORS introduces its first “inspector” access hatch for the coal handling industry.

PS DOORS launches its first-ever ladder gate, offering workers protection against falls on elevated platforms, mezzanines and ladderways.

We learn about the incredible power of water firsthand during the Red River’s devastating flood in our hometown of Grand Forks, ND. It was the most severe flood of the river since 1826.

PS DOORS is the first flood barrier manufacturer to receive FM Approvals Certification.

PS DOORS introduces its EzDam® Flood Barrier, an innovative flood protection product that provides a superior alternative to sandbags.

PS DOORS introduces a new HatchSafe® design for Disney - a full-perimeter railing system designed specifically for protecting roof hatch openings.

PS DOORS launches its SafeMezz360™ featuring Slam-Proof™ technology.

PS DOORS introduces the Slidewise™ Roof Hatch with aerodynamic Slidewise technology.

PS DOORS launches a Fire Rated Flood Door (PD-522FFR), providing both flood protection and a 90-minute fire rating with one door.

PS DOORS adds a new Full Height Ladder Safety Gate to its portfolio of safety and fall-protection products.

PS DOORS rebrands its product lines into three divisions: PS Access Solutions™, PS Safety Access™ and PS Flood Barriers™.

PS DOORS launches its first loading dock safety gate – an OSHA-compliant gate that significantly reduces the danger of falls from docks and bays.

PS DOORS officially changes its name to PS Industries® Incorporated. As the company had evolved from being a manufacturer of high-quality industrial doors to one that also produces safety/fall-protection products and flood barriers, it now had a name that reflects its wide breadth of product offerings.

PS Flood Barriers™ rebranded its Flood Wall as the HydroDefense® Flood Plank™ system, providing quick-deploying flood protection using stackable planks.

PS Industries® introduces a new EdgeSafe® Smart Gate with flexible sizing to fit virtually any situation. This gate provides ground-level protection as well as fall protection for low height guardrail openings or exposed edges.

PS Industries® introduces the EdgeHalt® Adjustable Safety Gate, the first CE-marked PS Safety Access™ product.

PS Safety Access™ develops new EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate that allows for bi-directional traffic.

To address the COVID-19 pandemic, PS Industries® launches the PS Public Protection™ division, a full line of protective clear shields to make public spaces and workplaces safer.

PS Flood Barriers™ introduces new Hydro1® Flood Doors with the lowest leakage rate in the industry.

PS Safety Access™ launches new, completely customizable EdgeSafe® Safety Railing.

Hydro1® Flood Doors pass testing for Florida Product Approval, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and Broward counties).

PS Safety Access™ rolls out Slam-Proof™ technology on its line of EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates, making them the safest safety gates on the market.

PS Industries® acquires ILC Dover’s Flex-Gate®, Flex-Cover® products / brands, an innovative lineup of flood barrier products featuring high-strength fabric.

PS Industries® celebrates its 50th anniversary.