PS Public Protection Case Study: Vaaler Insurance

Grand Forks, North Dakota

After a time working remotely due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees at Vaaler Insurance’s headquarters in Grand Forks, ND, returned to the office. When they did, it became obvious that some changes needed to be made to the work environment to ensure the health and safety of Vaaler Insurance’s team and their customers. Protective shields were an important part of this plan, and they would need to be placed in high-traffic areas such as the front desk/reception area, several meeting rooms and a conference room where larger groups of people regularly gathered. 

Vaaler Insurance’s leadership team wanted these barriers to look professional and work properly, unlike many of the poorly constructed – or even homemade – shields they had seen at businesses that had been forced to make do. The timing couldn’t have been better for their decision makers to learn about PS Public Protection™ and its new line of ArmorBoss™ protective shields. It was immediately clear that these unique safety solutions were exactly what Vaaler Insurance was looking for. 

PS Public Protection’s team of experts were on-site at the Vaaler Insurance office the day after being contacted to get a better understanding of the insurance company’s needs. They concluded that a combination of different protective solutions from the ArmorBoss product line would work best. 

In meeting rooms with circular tables, ArmorBoss Linear Table Shields were used, allowing parties on both sides to maintain their personal space while safely carrying on a conversation and exchange materials in a contact-free manner. In situations where a larger number of individuals needed to be present, multiple shields from other meeting rooms could be combined. 

The conference room featured a larger table where groups of four or more people would meet on a regular basis, and this space proved to be a perfect match for the ArmorBoss X-Shape Table Shield. Not only did its four-sided design provide the necessary separation for multiple individuals to safely share the table, it also offered protection from the germs that resulted from sneezing or coughing. 

Lastly, the front desk/reception area needed to be addressed. This high-traffic area featured a half-wall cubicle in a unique shape. Any shield used here would need to be wide enough to go beyond the sides of the inset countertop, and high enough to protect individuals standing on both sides. It would also need an open space in the bottom so paperwork could safely be exchanged. It became clear that a custom solution would be necessary, and the PS Public Protection team quickly formulated a plan. One day later, a custom-built ArmorBoss Countertop Shield was installed that measured an ideal 60 inches wide and 38 inches high. It allowed Vaaler Insurance’s frontline team to take part in safe, face-to-face interaction with customers while limiting the transmission of germs between both parties. 

“We are so thankful for how helpful the PS Public Protection team was throughout the entire process,” says Sarah Atkinson, in-house counsel at Vaaler Insurance and the person in charge of organizing the project. “To this day, I am still amazed at how simple and easy the installation process was. Once they were delivered, a coworker and I had them up and in use before PS Public Protection even had the chance to call and see if we needed assistance.” 

When all was said and done, a total of five new ArmorBoss protective shields were installed throughout Vaaler Insurance’s headquarters. Since then, an anonymous feedback system in which the company uses to gain insight from staff members has filled to the brim with positive responses. The phrases “peace-of-mind,” “maintaining a safe distance” and “effective protection” are common trends among them. 

“It’s back to business as usual here at Vaaler Insurance, all thanks to our new ArmorBoss shields,” says Atkinson. “They’ve truly helped us to maintain our customer relationships. ArmorBoss shields have been a shimmer of bright light in a dark time. I would gladly recommend them to any business in search of protective solutions.” 

To learn more about PS Public Protection products, contact Jason Johnson at 877-446-1519. 

About Vaaler Insurance: Vaaler Insurance is a regional agency providing professional insurance, employee benefits and risk management products to businesses and individuals across the upper Midwest. With locations in Grand Forks, Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota, as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota, they have helped to insure businesses of all sizes and purposes since 1947.