PS Public Protection™ Case Study: Riverfork Federal Credit Union

Grand Forks, North Dakota

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, Riverfork Federal Credit Union in Grand Forks, North Dakota, spent three months helping customers using only its drive-thru. Leadership at the credit union knew that in order to reopen the lobby, changes would need to take place to ensure the health and safety of Riverfork’s employees and customers. One of the primary areas of focus would be the teller line, a high-traffic area that hosted human interaction nine hours a day. 

Protective shields seemed like a good solution, but they needed to have a professional aesthetic, be sturdy enough to handle daily use and feature some type of opening where materials could be exchanged between the teller and the customer. One of Riverfork’s board members suggested PS Public Protection™ and its line of ArmorBoss™ protective sneeze guards/shields. It was clear almost immediately to the credit union’s leadership that ArmorBoss products were exactly what they were looking for. 

Riverfork’s teller line featured four individual work stations that were separated by partitions, allowing four tellers to be simultaneously serving customers. ArmorBoss Linear Table Sneeze Guards proved to be the perfect solution for this setup. These sturdy, clear sneeze guards provided two-way separation at each station, allowing face-to-face communication to take place between tellers and customers while limiting the transmission of germs. At the same time, the pass-through window at the bottom of each shield allowed materials to be exchanged in a contact-free manner. 

“We’re so grateful to PS Public Protection for helping us transition to a new normal,” says Veronica Holweger, manager and CEO at Riverfork Federal Credit Union. “These shields were exactly what our teller line needed, and I was able to install them easily on my own. They’re portable, and it was an exciting surprise to discover that we could move them around and use them in a variety of different situations around our building.” 

Four ArmorBoss Linear Table Sneeze Guards were installed at the Riverfork Federal Credit Union’s teller line. Each work station was equipped with its own 47.5″ x 20.5″ sneeze guard, including a 20.5″ x 4.25″ pass-through window. This allowed the lobby to safely reopen, and today the consensus is that both staff and customers feel safer now that the ArmorBoss products are in place. 

“We’ve succeeded in getting day-to-day operations back to normal here at Riverfork Federal Credit Union,” says Holweger, “and I’d gladly recommend ArmorBoss Sneeze Guards to any business that’s striving to do the same. ArmosBoss products were the exact combination of professionalism, durability and protection we were looking for.” 

To learn more about PS Public Protection products, visit or contact Jason Johnson at 877-446-1519. 

About Riverfork Federal Credit Union: Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Riverfork Federal Credit Union was founded in 1959 by a group of city employees. Since then, Riverfork has been providing products and services that support the financial stability and economic growth of their members and the community.