PS Public Protection™ Case Study: Manvel Public School

Manvel, North Dakota

With the summer of 2020 coming to a close and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to cause problems, it was time for staff members of Manvel Public School (K-8) in Manvel, ND, to prepare for the upcoming school year. After evaluating the classrooms and facilities, it became clear that changes needed to be made in order to ensure the health and safety of students, parents and teaching staff.

One of the administration’s primary goals was to make the learning experience as comfortable and familiar as possible for students, while limiting the transmission of germs from sneezing and coughing. With this in mind, protective shields presented themselves as an excellent solution, providing improved safety while allowing for children and staff to see one another. Classrooms, the lunch room and the administrative office were the initial high-traffic areas that would require these protective measures. The barriers would have to be durable, easy to clean and versatile enough to protect multiple individuals in a variety of different circumstances. 

As school leadership considered various ways to accomplish their goals, a staff member suggested PS Public Protection™ and its ArmorBoss™ protective shields. It only took a few minutes on for the decision makers to agree that ArmorBoss products were exactly what they were looking for. 

For classrooms, rectangular tables were pushed together to form squares where four students at a time could participate in small group work and educational activities throughout the day. ArmorBoss X-Shape Table Shields were used in these setups to minimize the exchange of airborne germs between students. These four-sided portable sneeze guards provided necessary separation, but also allowed students to safely share a familiar learning experience. In addition, the ArmorBoss X-Shape Table Shield’s easy portability made it simple to relocate so that group activities could take place in alternate locations.

Next, it was time to address the front desk/reception area in the administrative office, a high-traffic area visited by nearly everyone attending, employed at or visiting the school. The front desk was roughly four feet long and would require a shield wide enough to cover its entire length. This sneeze guard would need to be high enough to protect individuals standing on both sides. It also required an opening at desk level so materials such as paperwork, lunch money and attendance slips could be exchanged safely. It became clear to the PS Public Protection team that this area was an ideal match for the ArmorBoss Countertop Shield. Delivered and installed soon after, the new shield allowed Manvel Public School’s front desk staff to take part in safe, face-to-face communication while limiting the transmission of germs from coughs or sneezes.

Lastly, it was time to address the lunch room. This area featured a long countertop area connected to the kitchen, where students would form a line, punch in their lunch numbers and receive their midday meals from a member of the kitchen staff. Because both the students in line and the kitchen staff across the counter needed to maintain a safe distance from one another, the ArmorBoss Countertop Shield provided a clear solution once again. In addition to being the perfect height to protect both parties while standing, the shield’s clear acrylic construction made it easy to clean between lunch periods, and durable enough to stand up to constant use.

“We knew going into the 2020 school year that it would be a challenge, and we’re grateful that the team at PS Public Protection was able to provide a sense of normalcy to our students and staff,” says Dave Wheeler, principal of Manvel Public School. “I can’t express enough how important it was to maintain a traditional learning experience, and we just couldn’t achieve that with masks alone. In fact, the feedback we received on our ArmorBoss shields was so positive that we almost immediately ordered nine additional units for our sixth- to eighth-grade classrooms.”

When all was said and done, a total of 18 new ArmorBoss protective shields were installed throughout Manvel Public School. This has helped both students and staff to remain healthy, and the consensus is that everyone involved feels safer and more protected during the school day.

“It’s back to school as usual here in Manvel, thanks to the peace of mind we get from our ArmorBoss shields,” says Wheeler. “For being so easy to install, their impact has been immeasurable. It’s gratifying to watch students enjoy a sense of normalcy as they participate in discussions. It would be amazing if every school had this level of protection.” 

To learn more about PS Public Protection products, contact Jason Johnson at 877-446-1519.

About Manvel Public School: Manvel Public School is an HRS (High Reliability Schools) Level 1 Certified, K-8 school system located in Manvel, North Dakota. Their motto is “Empower Every Student, Every Day” and their slogan is “Inspiring 21st Century Learners To Influence 22nd Century Successes.”