PS Flood Barriers™ Case Study: Eenhoorn/Plaza Towers

Located along the shores of the mighty Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, lies the luxury high-rise known as Plaza Towers. It is owned by Eenhoorn, a national property management company that uses the building as its corporate office (it also houses a Marriott hotel and a variety of apartments and condominiums). In recent years, Plaza Towers has struggled with flooding from the nearby Grand River, and despite having in-building flood protection in place, the high rise has suffered extensive damage to its lower levels. 

In the winter of 2016, the leaders at Eenhoorn concluded that more effective flood protection was necessary. After researching potential flood protection products, they decided to put their trust in PS Flood Barriers™ to find a solution. The building’s pedestrian walkway presented the most acute challenge. It measures 15 feet by 12.5 feet and is located between a permanent wall structures at the front of the Plaza Towers complex. Eenhoorn had attempted to protect this area with sandbags but found no success. City regulations required the pedestrian walkway to stay accessible at all times, so any flood protection that presented a permanent obstruction was off the table. 

PS Flood Barriers knew that Plaza Towers needed a flood solution that would comply with city regulations while also having the strength and versatility to close off the large opening, keeping the space dry despite immense water pressure. After studying the site, PS Flood Barriers determined that HydroDefense™ Flood Planks™ would be the best option to address Eenhoorn’s flooding challenges. Because the HydroDefense Flood Planks are stored away from the opening and installed only when flooding is imminent, they are not considered to be a permanent barrier. 

Once approval was obtained from the city, the PS Flood Barriers team customized the HydroDefense Flood Planks to meet the opening requirements, and within three weeks it was installed and ready to protect against upcoming floodwaters. “Installation is simple,” says Kevin Hoyer, facilities manager at Plaza Towers. “The aluminum planks are lightweight and the latch system design makes deployment easy for our crew.” 

The first true test of the newly installed HydroDefense Flood Planks came in its very first year on site. Flood levels reaching five feet on the base of the planks, but the Plaza Towers enjoyed its first damage-free flood season in many years. “HydroDefense Flood Planks have been the best investment we have ever made,” says Hoyer. “It has not only brought peace of mind to us as a company, but it has given our tenants the level of flood protection that they deserve. Every year Grand Rapids residents are happy to see our HydroDefense Flood Planks being installed. After several years in service we are 100% satisfied with the results that they have given us.” 

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About Eenhoorn:
Eenhoorn is a globally invested property management company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They specialize in providing luxury high-rise apartments and condominiums across the United States.