PS DOORS Revolutionizing Spill Containment Barriers

Grand Forks, North Dakota, August 2, 2016 / PR Newswire / – PS DOORS is now adapting three of its most successful flood prevention products for the purpose of industrial spill containment. Proven to stop floodwaters, these doors and barriers will now keep workers, facilities and the environment safe from industrial spills.spillcontaintment_pr

PS DOORS’ Plank System uses a series of convenient latches to combine stacked 6″ planks into a liquid-resistant barrier that can be assembled easily by a single individual. This barrier can stay in place or be removed and stored if a walkway is needed for personnel or vehicle traffic.

The PD-520 PEDESTRIAN DOOR from PS DOORS provides 24-hour protection. It is always in place, providing passive spill containment while still acting as a normal-use pedestrian door. Whether a single or paired configuration is required, the door ships ready to install and is available in mild or stainless steel construction.

The PS DOORS Bottom Hinge Barrier is automatically triggered by a spill and quickly pivots up to protect your facility (it can be deployed passively, electronically or manually). It’s self-stored and always in place. It can even be connected to an existing alarm system. Because the door is self-stored within a floor surface, it allows personnel or vehicles to use the opening while the barrier is not deployed.

“We’re applying our expertise in flood control to the world of spill prevention,” says Terry Smith, PS Flood Barriers National Sales Manager. “It’s a logical evolution. Our innovative products are going to keep a lot of businesses and workers safe from the disruptions and potential hazards of industrial spills.”

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