PS Doors Releases EzDAM™ Flood Barrier, an Economical and Quick Deployment Flood Protection Solution for Single- and Multi‐Door Openings

GRAND FORKS, ND – Feb. 14, 2013 – PS Doors’ latest flood protection solution, the EzDAM™ Flood Barrier, is a cost‐effective, quick deployment option available in single or multiple barrier variations. Constructed of light‐weight aluminum, this flood protection product is corrosion-resistant for longevity. The EzDAM Flood Barrier provides reliable flood protection that virtually anyone can install on a moment’s notice.

PS Doors, an industry leader in the design and custom manufacturing of industrial doors, safety products and flood barriers, designed the EzDAM Flood Barrier to protect businesses and homes from flooding. When flooding happens, the ability to react quickly and protect your facility is critical. To meet these critical needs, the EzDam Flood Barrier is designed to be lightweight, weighing only 28 pounds, and simple to deploy and latch.

“The EzDam was designed to meet the growing needs of our customers. It is an affordable flood protection option that can be easily installed and deployed by one person. It is an excellent alternative to leaky sandbags. Three feet of flood protection can be deployed at your opening in just 30 seconds. Let’s look at the effect of Super Storm Sandy on so many people on the east coast. The EzDam could have provide some level of protection to many who were affected,” said Cory Melland, Vice President.

The EzDam Flood Barrier is available in single or multi‐barrier options for application to protect walkway doors, store fronts and commercial buildings of all sizes. Each barrier is 44” wide and 36” high, providing 3 feet of flood protection. Single panels fit up to 42” wide openings. Custom panels are available to fit varying needs.

For installation of a single EzDAM application, simply mount a set of non‐obtrusive jambs on either side of your opening, utilizing the included hardware. That is it. When a flooding event is imminent, deploy the EzDAM barrier by setting the barrier in place and engaging the EzLatching system by turning two knobs.

“Flood protection is an investment in protecting your home or business. It gives you peace of mind and can drastically reduce the risk of costly flooding disasters. The EzDamTM is one product in our full line of flood protection barriers and doors. Rely on us to find a solution for your flood protection needs,” said Terry Smith, PS DOORS National Sales Manager for Flood Protection Products.

EzDAM Flood Barriers utilize all-aluminum construction and corrosion-resistant materials to provide long lasting flood protection. A one‐year limited warranty is also provided with registration. To ensure safety, this barrier has been designed and tested by a certified engineer.