PROVEN SOLUTIONS: The Lowdown On The Dangers Of Tip-Up Roof Hatches

Roofs are inherently one of the most dangerous places in any facility, for obvious reasons. Roof access itself, unfortunately, can also be dangerous. Not only are there almost always ladders involved, but traditional tip-up roof hatches present their own set of problems.

The Facts:

Rooftop tip-up hatches may be made of modern materials, but that’s pretty much where the technological advancements end. This lack of innovation leaves them particularly vulnerable to the enemy of all vertical objects on a rooftop – wind.

The Challenge:

Access a rooftop using a tip-up hatch enough times, and eventually you will have the cover violently yanked from your hands by a powerful gust of wind. This phenomenon is unhealthy for both your arm and the hatch. It presents an unacceptable risk to workers (since they are nearly always balancing on the top of a ladder when it happens) as well as an unnecessary burden on maintenance budgets (replacing damaged hatches becomes expensive very quickly). An additional challenge emerges when trying to introduce a different hatch to an existing roof opening. Seldom does the curb surrounding the opening accept a new hatch without modification. What is the right tip-up hatch to overcome these issues? The best answer isn’t a tip-up hatch at all.

The Solution:

Unlike traditional tip-up roof hatches, Slidewise™ Roof Hatches from PS Access Solutions™ open horizontally. This wind-resistant panel design means that Slidewise Roof Hatches are virtually unaffected by inclement weather. These innovative roof hatches:

  • Operate more easily since the cover simply slides back and forth
  • Reduce maintenance costs because the cover never slams open or shut due to strong winds
  • Keep workers safer thanks to their advanced design
  • Install conveniently over virtually any existing curb

The low-profile design of the Slidewise Roof Hatch allows the user to open the cover with one hand, keeping the other hand on the ladder at all times. They can enter and exit the hatch in virtually any weather without the cover slamming, which makes roof access both safer and more practical at the same time.

Plus, switching to a durable Slidewise Roof Hatch could not be easier. Engineered to be installed on either new construction or an existing curb, there’s no need to modify roofing materials. The full-perimeter weather seal keeps drafts and moisture outside where they belong, and an optional lock / latch can provide additional security if such measures are necessary.

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