PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Point-Of-Use Storage Puts Flood Protection Right Where You Need It

Some floods come with advance warning, whether it comes in the form of weather alerts, seasonal data or river level reports. Other floods come quickly as infrastructure fails or conditions exceed expectations. In both scenarios, having flood protection already in place or stored nearby can give you the edge you need to stop water from inundating your property.

The Facts:

“Point-of-use” flood barriers are pretty much just how they sound – solutions that are fast and convenient to put into action because they “live” either at the point in which they are deployed or close by. These barriers can include both “passive” protection (flood measures that deploy themselves) and “active” protection (flood measures that humans deploy, either manually or using electrical, hydraulic or mechanical assistance).

The Challenge:

For many applications, flood protection must be ready to deploy quickly. There simply isn’t time for materials to be moved from another location for assembly. This need for extra preparedness can be the result of many factors, including environmental factors, facility characteristics and workflow or traffic requirements.

The Solution:

No matter which kind of point-of-use flood barriers are utilized, the fact that they are on-site and ready to deploy makes them extra valuable for many applications. They provide the fastest flood protection when speed is a factor.

PS Flood Barriers™ manufactures a number of flood control measures that fill this need. Some are active and some are passive, but all of these solutions provide the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your solutions are always right where you need them.

Flex-Gate® Barriers
This line of products is made using a high-strength fabric wall and can be deployed rapidly for flood protection around and between buildings, across doors of any size (including large and unique portals), in front of glass and even over stairwells. They can be scaled to withstand nearly any water height and can be shaped to fit around structures and corners. These active flood protection measures are simple to operate and can be easily deployed or stowed by a single person within minutes, even in high winds. They are stored in a container or a covered trench at the point-of-use so that all materials and components are available when needed. Click here to learn more.

AquaTrigger™ Automatic Flip-Up Flood Barriers
This passive flood protection barrier self-stores flush with a walk or drive surface without the need for deep excavation. In the event of a flood, it pivots into place on its own thanks to floats that are activated by the water itself. Alternately, it can also be activated electrically or manually. The AquaTrigger Automatic Flip-Up Flood Barrier is AASHTO H20 / HS20 load rated for large truck traffic and independent-party validated, meeting the requirements of the ANSI / FM Approvals 2510-2020 4.3.3 Hydrostatic Test. It’s an excellent choice for commercial applications such as driveways, walkways, storefronts, exterior doors and loading docks. Click here to learn more.

AquaTrigger™ Self-Closing Flood Barriers
The carefully engineered design of the AquaTrigger Self-Closing Flood Barrier allows for it to be recessed into the ground until it activates itself. When flooding occurs, the passively activated barrier rises into position without the need for human intervention, electricity or power. It excels at protecting walk doors, retaining walls, driveways, storefronts or loading docks during floods or even flash floods. Click here to learn more.

Vertical Lift Flood Barriers
Our Vertical Lift Flood Barrier provides powerful, actively-deployed flood protection designed for unique opening applications. Powered or manually operated, it lifts up and down to provide water protection during flooding conditions. The Vertical Lift Flood Barrier is best used for flood-proofing areas where conventional swinging, sliding or lift-out barriers will not work. Click here to learn more.

Sliding Flood Barriers
The Sliding Flood Barrier is an actively deployed solution designed specifically for the height of water protection your application requires. This barrier slides horizontally into and is stored at the opening for fast-acting deployment during flooding conditions. The Sliding Flood Barrier is a great choice for commercial buildings, including driveways, walkways, storefronts, exterior and interior door openings, loading docks or any opening with limited side/swing room. Click here to learn more.

Hydro1® Flood Doors
Hydro1® Flood Doors serve as both passive flood-protection barriers and normal-use pedestrian doors. These purpose-built doors are always in place, and they feature the lowest leakage rate in the industry with a unique one-piece perimeter gasket that creates a watertight seal. A number of models have passed Florida Product Approval testing, including approval for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and Broward counties) and some carry a 90-minute fire rating. Click here to learn more.

Hinged Flood Barriers
Our Hinged Flood Barriers are similar to a swing door and are permanently installed at the opening. During flooding conditions, these barriers are closed and latched, providing quick and easy flood protection. When floodwaters aren’t present, the barrier is stored in the open position and does not alter the design or aesthetics of the building. They are an excellent solution where underground walkways and tunnels are prone to flooding during storms. Click here to learn more.

Point-of-use storage gives you the edge you need to keep floodwaters at bay. Whether the protection you employ is deployed actively or passively, PS Flood Barriers has just the solution you need for your unique application.

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