PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Flood Protection Without Human Intervention

One of the biggest challenges of flood protection is deciding whether to put measures in place or not. Unfortunately, floods (and the weather that creates them) are unpredictable, and deploying flood prevention methods costs resources (time, labor, etc.). As a result, humans can sometimes become the weakest part of a flood protection strategy as we strive to determine the exact moment to put measures in place so that we are protected if flooding occurs, but free of extra costs if it doesn’t. In addition, it takes humans to install many flood protection systems.

Are there reliable flood protection barriers that don’t require human intervention? Are there measures that deploy automatically when flooding occurs? The answer is yes.

The Facts:

“Active” flood barriers require humans to put them in place when flooding is imminent. They include everything from sliding flood barriers that are pulled closed to flood plank systems that must be assembled. These systems are a good choice when priorities include flexility and cost. They are often movable / removable and less expensive to install (at least initially). However, they do require human decision making and human labor, something that isn’t required with “passive” flood protection.

“Passive” flood protection includes doors that work normally but also act as a sealed flood barrier when closed, as well as flood solutions that are triggered into action when water is present. It is these second types of flood barriers that truly require no human intervention in order to do their jobs.

The Challenge:

Effective flood protection isn’t a one size fits all equation. In some situations, the stakes are high, the resources are available and the need for an automated flood response is compelling. What flood barriers fit those situations?

The Solution:

PS Flood Barriers™ manufactures several passive flood protection solutions, including the Hydro1® Flood Door that is always in place (providing 24-hour flood protection while still allowing access to your facility) and AquaTrigger™ flood barriers that deploy when floodwater is present without any human intervention.

Hydro1® Flood Doors
Always in place, the Hydro1 is a purpose-built flood door (not to be confused with repurposed hollow metal doors that fail to meet flood codes). Hydro1 Flood Doors feature the lowest leakage rate in the industry, with a unique one-piece perimeter gasket that creates a watertight seal without risking damage from users. All Hydro1 Flood Doors have passed testing for Florida Product Approval, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and Broward counties). Select models are ADA Compliant. Click here to learn more.

AquaTrigger™ Automatic Flip-Up Flood Barrier
This flood protection solution self-stores flush with a walk or drive surface without deep excavation. When flooding occurs, it pivots up to deploy thanks to floats that are activated by the floodwater itself. In addition, it can also be activated electrically or manually. The AquaTrigger Automatic Flip-Up Flood Barrier is AASHTO H20 / HS20 load rated for large truck traffic and independent-party validated, meeting the requirements of the ANSI / FM Approvals 2510-2020 4.3.3 Hydrostatic Test. It is ideal for commercial applications, including driveways/walkways, storefronts, exterior door openings and loading docks. Click here to learn more.

AquaTrigger™ Self-Closing Flood Barrier
The unique design of the AquaTrigger Self-Closing Flood Barrier allows for it to be recessed into the ground until it activates itself. When flooding occurs, the barrier rises into position without human intervention, electricity or power. This product is ideal for protecting walk doors, retaining walls, driveways, storefronts or loading docks/ramps during flash flooding conditions. It is available in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Click here to learn more.

Do you need flood protection that takes care of itself? If your structure meets the necessary requirements, PS Flood Barriers can help you with a solution that offers proven protection and unparalleled peace of mind

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