EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate


Warn personnel about dangerous or off-limits areas with this durable floor-level gate. It swings bidirectionally (both ways) to allow pedestrians to enter or exit an access-restricted area. For example, it can be used to protect areas in which personnel and forklifts share the same traffic spaces. It has an incredibly long spring life (tested to 1 million cycles so far) and is adjustable from 21 to 48 inches. The EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate makes no noise when it closes, and because the free end does not contact the railing, the opening width is variable. It is compatible with other EdgeSafe products.

Our optional Mounting Post Kit (sold separately) is also available to make it easier to mount and lock the EdgeSafe Personnel Access Gate where there is no existing railing.

The finished product does not include warning decals, nor are they supplied by PS Industries. However, as seen in some photos, there is an 8.5″ x 14″ area on both sides of the gate to include a “caution” or “warning” message if the customer sees fit.

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  • Keep Personnel Safe – The EdgeSafe Personnel Access Gate swings both ways to alert pedestrians about an upcoming area
  • Focus Access To One Point – Managing traffic is simpler when you limit it to one access point
  • An Easy Way To Display Warning Information – It’s simple to affix warning signage to the gate (signage not provided by PS Industries)
  • Adjustable To Fit Your Opening – Adjusts from 21 to 48 inches and attaches to existing railing
  • Built To Last – Mild steel and a powder coat yellow finish make it ideal for repetitive use
  • Quiet Operation – This gate makes no sound as it closes
  • Compatible With Other EdgeSafe Products – Outfit your facility with our complete safety package


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