Preparing Your Power Plant For Cold Weather

PS Doors Industrial Sliding Door
Photo credit: Tuscon Electric Power (TEP)

An excerpt from the POWER Magazine article Prepare Your Coal Plant for Cold Weather Operations featuring the PS DOORS Industrial Sliding Door:

Prepare your power plant for cold weather with the PS DOORS Industrial Sliding Door. It is operable in virtually all weather conditions.

“For coal-fired power plants, changing seasons bring a variety of challenges. Cold weather, snow and ice each cause different problems,” says Aaron Larson, POWER Magazine.

“The plant chose to install a model made by PS DOORS. The company’s industrial sliding door is designed specifically to withstand the abuses of industrial applications – especially the effects of positive and negative draft or wind loads – making it a good choice for us in power generation facilities, which require sturdy, maintenance free doors.”

“The little things that we have done have really made a difference,’ said Ortiz. The doors have helped keep the heat in the buildings while at the same time keeping dust out.” Aaron Larson, POWER Magazine.

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