Power Plant Swing Doors: All Doors Are Not Created Equal

Power generation facilities are among the most critical parts of this nation’s energy infrastructure, and the harsh environment created by their drastic variations in air pressure make it challenging to find pedestrian swing doors that can reliably protect workers and machines without malfunctioning. An ordinary hollow door is neither durable nor advanced enough to provide the kind of trustworthy service needed to keep people safe and technology running efficiently. The ins and outs of the power industry require a specialized door developed and manufactured for power plants and the unique entryway challenges they give rise to.


  • Initial Cost offset by decreased maintenance
  • Fewer replacements means less lost time and labor


  • Special features reduce hard slams or stubborn opening
  • Fewer door-related injuries mean happier workers and fewer claims


  • Industry-leading warranty means doors from PS Access Solutions last long
  • Low cost of ownership means a stronger ROI


From design to deployment, its more efficient to work with a company that knows your industry- inside and out. Contact PS Access Solutions today.