New! Slidewise™ Roof Hatch

A new product from PS DOORS is poised to solve one of the most problematic issues associated with industrial and commercial roof hatches: wind. The revolutionary Slidewise™ Roof Hatch opens horizontally. Unlike traditional tip-up hatches, the Slidewise Roof Hatch is unaffected by wind gusts, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs while improving safety for users.

Part of PS DOORS’ Access Solutions™ line of products, the Slidewise Roof Hatch features corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware, and it can be easily installed on new construction or to existing curbs without the need to modify existing roofing material. Its low-profile design allows it to be installed on areas where a traditional roof hatch may be troublesome. Plus, it features a full-perimeter EPDM weather seal for draft and weather control, as well as a ten-year product warranty.

With its sliding operation, the Slidewise Roof Hatch allows personnel to easily exit and enter the roof hatch in any weather without the hatch panel slamming open or closed, and one-handed operation allows personnel to keep one hand on a ladder at all times. This roof hatch also comes with additional safety options, including an OSHA-compliant Safety Railing System with a self-closing safety gate.

“This is the smartest, most reliable roof hatch that you can buy,” says Cory Melland, vice president of PS DOORS. “Because it’s unaffected by the wind, it lasts longer, operates more easily and keeps people safer. It’s going to change roof access, plain and simple.”

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