New! Full Height Ladder Safety Gate

Full_Height_Ladder_Safety_Gate_05PS DOORS has taken its industry-leading Ladder Safety Gate and added additional top-rail-to-floor protection for personnel working on elevated platforms, mezzanines and ladder ways. This new full height version is both OSHA- and ANSI-compliant and is self-closing to reduce the chance of falls and ensure that protection is in place when it’s needed most.

Part of PS DOORS’ Safety Access™ line of products, the Full Height Ladder Safety Gate provides a 42-inch top rail, a mid-rail and a five-inch toeboard, providing safety coverage from the top rail to the floor. It is engineered and tested to comply with the Ladder Safety Gate requirements in OSHA 1910.23, as well as ANSI A1264.1-2007, A14.3-2008 and MH28.3-2009. For added safety protection, an optional Stand-Off Mounting System is available that creates increased platform space on the mezzanine edge and a steadying point for personnel to use while transitioning through the ladder way.

The Full Height Ladder Safety Gate is designed to fit any existing railing system using standard pipe, angle iron, flat bar or even an existing wall. It’s adjustable to fit most horizontal openings from 18 inches to 36 inches and swings left or right. The gate installs in minutes with a ratchet and half-inch-deep well socket, and it’s available in powder coat yellow (PCY), 304 stainless steel (SS) or hot dipped galvanized (GAL) finishes. PS DOORS also offers the Standard Ladder Safety Gate and a Paired Ladder Safety Gate.

“The Full Height Ladder Safety Gate is like the big brother of safety gates,” says Dean Thorsen, PS Safety Access National Sales Manager at PS DOORS. “It’s big, it’s rugged, it’s protective and it won’t let you down.”

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