Level 2 Platinum Status

PS DOORS Products Achieve Level 2 Platinum Status through the National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program

June 8, 2015 – Grand Forks, ND – The PS DOORS Flood Plank System, Pedestrian Flood Door, and Mechanical Room Flood Door have achieved Level 2 Platinum status through the National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program. The Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM), in partnership with FM Approvals and the US Army Corps of Engineers /National Flood Proofing Committee (NFPC), have tested and approved these PS DOORS products to carry their FM Approved Label. This is the most prestigious status granted in the flood protection industry.

Pedestrian Flood Door
Pedestrian Flood Door

The FM Approved mark is backed by scientific research and testing and informs customers that flood barriers are effective and safe to use in their industrial environments. Companies around the world rely on FM Approved products to protect their properties from loss.

PS DOORS, established in 1974, is an industry leader in the design and custom manufacturing of flood barriers, industrial doors and safety products. The Pedestrian Flood Door, Mechanical Room Flood Door, and Flood Plank System were designed to satisfy flood protection needs for customers located around the world.

Mechanical Flood Door
Mechanical Flood Door

The Pedestrian Flood Door is one of the most progressive products in the flood protection market today. This pedestrian door is designed specifically to handle flooding conditions. As long as the door is closed and latched, your facility is protected from flooding.

The Mechanical Room Flood Door is a normal use pedestrian door that also acts as a flood protection door specifically for your mechanical room. Constructed of mild or stainless steel, this door is always in place. When flooding occurs, it works to protect valuable mechanical room infrastructure from costly flooding.

Flood Plank System
Flood Plank System

The Flood Plank System is an economical and effective way to provide water protection to your commercial or residential structure. Flood planks are quickly deployed and activated in a time of need. This system is FM Approved for maximum water heights of 3’ high and 10’ wide. Planks are conveniently stored away from your opening when flooding conditions are not present; ensuring your structure is not permanently altered.

“When flooding happens, the ability to react quickly and protect infrastructure is critical,” said Terry Smith, PS DOORS National Sales Manager. “PS DOORS flood protection products can preserve your facility from dangerous and costly flooding by ensuring that important equipment, generators and critical assets are dry.”

Flood protection is an investment in safeguarding your business. It gives you peace of mind and can drastically reduce the risk of costly flooding disasters. Rely on FM Approved PS DOORS products to assist in your flood preparedness plan by installing preventative flood doors and barriers throughout your facility.

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PS DOORS, established in 1974, is an industry leader in the design and custom manufacturing of flood barriers, industrial doors and safety products. Utilizing our certified welders, engineers, 3-D CAD professionals and fully integrated ERP manufacturing software, we pride ourselves on finding solutions for your flood protection issues. For over forty years, PS DOORS has been a trusted resource for hundreds of businesses and distributors located throughout the world.


  • Manufacturing flood barriers since 1982.
  • PS DOORS is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified company.
  • Several flood protection products have undergone third party testing and certification to carry the FM Approved Label.
  • All PS DOORS flood protection products meet FEMA Standard #114 and FEMA Technical Bulletin 3-93.
  • Army Corps of Engineers project experience: all flood protection products meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reference: EP 1165-2-314.
  • In-house testing facility.