Custom Plug Hatch

One door at a time

The Story:

A customer called PS DOORS with a problem. He needed several inspection ports constructed out of 316L stainless steel that would hold up in his facility’s corrosive environment. These ports needed to be welded to various round or square pipes containing corrosive gas and abrasive materials. The lids had to bolt on. He had exhausted his resources trying to find a manufacturer to create these custom inspection ports for the oil and gas industry.

Custom Plug Hatch

Custom Plug Hatch Bottom

The Product:

PS DOORS reviewed these requirements and built thirty-six hatches in ten different sizes to meet the customer’s needs. We manufactured custom insulated lids and frames for each hatch that match the inside diameter of the round and square piping. When installed, these custom lids effectively contain the corrosive gas and particles in the piping; creating a sealed pipe with access points.

Shown: 36” x 12” custom inspection port and radius cut lid. Constructed of 10-gauge 316L stainless steel, furnished as one piece. Door will be bolted to the frame with the appropriate amount of 316 bolts.

As a custom door manufacturer, PS DOORS is always looking for a challenge. If you need it – we will do our best to build it. PS DOORS: exceeding customer expectations, one door at a time.