EdgeSafe® Smart Gate (Discontinued)


Customizable to fit your specific application, the original EdgeSafe Smart Gate is ideal for crowd control where forklift traffic (or other machinery traffic) is present or for fall protection from low height guardrails or exposed edges.

The original Smart Gate models are adjustable to fit a 48″ to 78″ (SG-60-PCY) or a 84″ to 108″ (SG-96-PCY) clear opening width. For larger openings between 108″ up to 156″, please check out our EdgeSafe® Loading Dock Safety Gate.

These particular models have limited quantities remaining and have been discounted at 15% off retail price!

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  • Safety That Pays – The EdgeSafe Smart Gate keeps your team safe while keeping your facility
    running efficiently
  • Flexible Sizing – Gate systems from 48″ – 108″ clear opening widths
  • Easy Operation – Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to operate the gate smoothly with just one hand
  • No Slamming – A unique dampening system keeps the gate from closing hard, and the damper is specially mounted high up to prevent it from becoming damaged
  • Lifts Out Of The Way – The gate lifts vertically 90 degrees (without pinch points) to ensure plenty of clearance for loading and unloading
  • Built To Last – Heavy-gauge steel and a powder coat yellow finish make it ideal for repetitive use
  • Ships via FedEx or UPS – Once assembled, simply bolts to existing floor or concrete

Manually operated Smart Gates for mezzanines: This product only serves as a means of fall protection when the product is in the closed and latched (if applicable) position. The operation of this product requires the user to manually lift/move the product between the closed and open positions. In applications where the product is positioned to protect a fall-edge, the person operating the product is required to implement another primary means of fall protection, whenever the product is not closed and latched (if applicable). In the case where a product is positioned at a loading dock ledge, closed garage doors or the presence of a truck at the dock ledge may reduce the potential for fall hazards while the gate is in use. It is the responsibility of the employer to implement a gate usage policy and training which accounts for the site specific hazards where this product is installed.